7 plants that repel ticks and keep them away from your yard

May 11, 2024
Yeh. I Agree Pixefly! That was almost exactly what I said to myself when I read that about ticks flying! But I will refrain from speaking so coarsely. (although I would like to!).
Also what needs to be said, is that some of those suggested botanicals are toxic to dogs, and could kil them if they had too much contact or accidentally ingesting them. I dont know about all of them (nor have time to research them all), but will say; if you love your dog, keep your pup far away from both garlic (onions, chives etc) as well as marigold plant. Both are deadly for your little furry friends, even at small doses.
It upsets me to see someone write such suggestive articles, without also disclosing the risks...not just the benefits!