7 ways Apple Vision Pro beats the Meta Quest Pro

Jun 7, 2023
It has decent enough specs but the closed screen means it will hold in heat and be uncomfortable to wear. Why won't these things go with a glasses type layout rather than goggles?
The price indicates it is for enterprise use yet they announced Disney will be available on it. I don't want to provide my workers a new computing format to increase productivity only to have them watching movies instead. And the fact that it's Disney who has decided that politics is their business instead of entertainment makes me not want one for my personal use.
I am not sure who will be buying these or even if anyone will in large numbers.
Jun 9, 2023
This is my first post so please be gentle.

I think the biggest virtual elephant in the room is that 30% of people suffer from motion sickness using VR and Some AR. DARPA and the military steered away from battlefield AR as a sick combatant is not much use, let alone 30%.
Apple have steered away from VR content that might induce this in their demos, you would not want 30% of the press feeling sick using your first foray into this technology. Also the remainder of users have varying tolerances to VR/AR comfort levels.

I think it is aiming for AR over VR as most demo scenes are flat things, screens, browsers etc in mixed reality, even the gaming is with a controller on a 2D screen and the user being stationary, or was it just to avoid the motion sickness problems.

With no haptic feedback or controller it would make gaming strange. Any shooting game where you aim with your eyes not your hands holding a weapon would be reminiscent of gamers using touch screens to head shot people instantly, the same with this just by looking at them. Lots of games and sports require holding a ball or thing to play with, so just using your hands to play pool, golf or ping pong would be weird.

The technology is amazing, the external battery a step back, and fabric head bands will smell like a wet dog after not too long.

I am very curious as to where the Vision Pro will lead, if they want us to buy this and ditch the laptop, TV, sound system etc. you are going to be no fun when you have guests round. Does apple want you to stop buying all their other products and replace them with this one, that seems like a bad business strategy.

I first used VR in 1992, and have been waiting a long time for the technology to improve, I think Quest/Vive/Pico will be for gamers and AR for productivity and entertainment.
Jun 15, 2023
Mom: What do you want from Santa?
Kimmy; Apples new VR.
Mom: Even Santa can't afford those. Second choice?

Comparing these is like is unfair. At that price it better have better everything.

It's like comparing me to Brad Pitt. Beyond banging Jolie we have nothing in common.