7 ways you didn’t know you could use hydrogen peroxide

Aug 2, 2023
"Hydrogen peroxide is basically water but with an extra oxygen molecule."

Not to be pedantic, but that's quite wrong. Hydrogen peroxide isn't basically water. It's got an extra oxygen ATOM, not molecule. There's a huge difference. It isn't oxygenated water, which is a lot of the regularly churned water we are around and drink, because molecular oxygen will dissolve pretty easily in water that is exposed to air.

This is water > H²O

This is hydrogen peroxide> H²O²

Yes, this tiny difference between them is interesting, especially given their radically different properties, but please get the chemistry terms right. They are not interchangeable.

It doesn't help anyone's confusion that most hydrogen peroxide sold is actually dissolved in water. That's because water is a neutral solvent. Hydrogen peroxide is very much not neutral.
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