*86 notice i need to get rid of


Aug 20, 2016
i have the samsung a51 phone and it is on the metropcs network. when i got the phone number i would get tons of calls every day, i deleted all of them and they started to go away. but now for some reason they are coming back. i can delete them ok but some leave messages.

so i get that new message on the top left of the screen and when i tap it it say new message *86 that does not work for me. when i tap it it opens the dial pad and then that closes and then i wind up with more blank messages. if i block that then i do not get any messages that may be wanted. my voicemail is set up in my contacts and a name and when i tap that name i get the dial pad and then it sets there for a bit to give me time to enter my pin and listen to any message. they are all scammers but i do not know that for voice mails but i do know when i see the numbers. i block them but now and then one gets thru because i did not have the phone and then it all starts over.

so is there a way to turn of that *86 notice? if it was not so hard to port my old tracfone number i would do that. i never get scam calls on that number and it has just lapsted because i quit paying for the card. the number has not yet been giving out.

anyway i sure would like to get that *86 gone. or if someone know how i can port mu old tracfone number i will do that. i have 2 contacts that have that number