8K TVs: What the heck is going on?


Jul 1, 2009
Totally agree with you as we have all been sensitized to the content vs technology debate since HighDef tv sets. Its a seen before situation. The reason that many folks buy a Mercedes S class or a BMW 7 series car, isnt just because its the top of the line. Its also because there are always features that those cars will have before they get passed down to the other cars in their lineup. 8K sets will also have features that will display a 4K or lesser definition picture at its best. Its a consideration to get an 8K set even while content is being prepared for consumption. The very best electronics available will be in those sets and I bet that 4k will look superior on a panel with 4 times the pixels. If engineers made a set that can display an 8K picture at an acceptable rate, you can bet that it will display a 4k picture at its best. Its the reason that I am considering one. The internals of such a set should be best for the content that is available today until real 8k content is available. Doesn't it have to be?
Nov 20, 2021
The issue is not just content. Its also finding equipment that will shoot 8K that doesn’t cost $20000, and then its finding computer hardware that can actually edit it. Yes, there is the new M1 Macs, but until the ne M1 Pro comes out in the next year even the macbook M1Max will have issues with lots of 8K.