900 gigahertz amplified speaker changed to wired speaker for computer


Oct 20, 2016
I'm trying to figure out how to convert the amp in wired speakers to work on computer without Wireless options
You will need to open the speaker and try to determine where the input to the amplifier is. There could be a separate board which would make that simple. If it's all on one circuit board if would require a schematic and knowledge to do. Trace the wires back from the speaker or speakers themselves to the output of the amplifier. Then try to find the input.
There will be three connections you will need to find.(R plus, L plus, and ground). A 3.55 stereo mini jack could be installed into the speaker or a cable wired directly to the board.


Your post and title don't match, are the speakers wired or not? You said "changed to wired" but then in the post you say "amp in wired speakers".

You may want to actually list what the speakers are you are working with.
^what he says.

Open and find:

WIRELESS circuit --(tap in here) --> AMP section ---> Speaker Cone.

I wish I can tell you, look for connector labeled HERE! but of course there is no such thing. Hopefully you know your electronics.
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