90B Fan Error HP G7-2246-nr


Dec 3, 2015
So this happened out of nowhere I used this laptop in the airport before I came home and then when I turned it on this morning I got this error. I looked it up and it seems moderately common for HP laptops. I trouble shooting and it is still having the error.

I opened it up to try to get the dust out.
Updated the bios
Tried a hard reset

The laptop still functions fine but this thing runs hot even when the fan is going I shutter to think without one. For the time being I froze a metal slab and placed it underneath it while I've been using it and it has kept the exterior cool but I'm not sure if it is working on the interior. I've also had this laptop for 3 years and have put it through some intense things but it handled it well so maybe the fan just crapped out. If thats the case I can buy a new fan for this laptop for about $10.

Until then should I just avoid running anything of real intensity on this laptop? I already know gaming is out but what about adobe products and editing software?

If the fix is as easy as a new fan if I can get the part what do you think it would cost to have someone install it at a shop? I just don't love the idea of taking apart this computer myself with a sub-par backup laptop and until I have my desktop built.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.


Dec 3, 2015
I figured as much. I looked at that thread earlier on the hp website thats where I originally started. If I can get the piece myself how much do you think a shop would charge to install it?

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