950m with an I7 or 960m with an I5


Mar 27, 2016
Currently im looking to get a new gaming laptop, before you say get a desktop i already have one. However Im going to college soon and have an unfortunatly tight budget, under 1K going to be used for engineering class but also for gaming such as armoured warfare, war thunder X plane Il2 BF4. so ive found a couple of laptops, one has a 960m but with an i5 6300hq (ASUS GL551VW-DS51) and another an i7 6700hq with a 960m (Sager NP5652 (Clevo W650RC). So good people i ask you, which one is better, both have 2gbs of ram. the website im buying from is


the range is from the ASUS GL551VW-DS51 to the MSI PE60 2QD-060US. have any of you owned any of the laptops in that range? if so how was it

also whats the life time or range of the 950m vs the 960m, how close are they to becoming obselete, and if any of you know any good sites please do share them


The difference between the i5-6300HQ and the i7-6700HQ, other than the clockspeed, is the i7 has Hyper Threading (HT). That means in addition to 4 the physical cores it also has 4 virtual cores. However, except for a few handful of games from a few / couple of years ago games do not benefit from HT.

If gaming is the primary concern, then you definitely want to buy the laptop with the more powerful graphics chip; the GTX 960m. The difference in performance between the GTX 950m can be rather large, especially if the GTX 950m is using the slower DDR3 RAM instead of DDR5 RAM. The GTX 960m uses DDR5 RAM.

LinusTechTips did a Youtube video a couple of years of showing a few games being played on a laptop with a dual core Intel CPU + a powerful GPU and a laptop with a quad core Intel CPU + a slightly less powerful GPU. The laptop with the dual core Intel CPU and powerful GPU provided better performance.