A discless/wireless home entertainment suite...


Sep 29, 2015
Moving into a new apartment soon, and was curious about using it as an opportunity to finally bite the bullet and go discless. Was just curious about the ins and outs of it, and what the hardware requirements are. The way I have it pictured is thusly:-

1x 55"+ Smart TV in the living room. + Mac Mini via HDMI (that has high-capacity external storage).
2x 42" Smart TVs, one for each bedroom.

The goal is to slowly but surely get iTunes versions of all my movies, TV shows, and albums, and have the freedom to just stream content from the source Mac to any (or every) screen at will. But will it all work as seamlessly as I envisage it? Are there complications or considerations that I'm not accounting for? And, how does DRM factor into the whole thing? I understand iTunes Plus music is DRM-free, but, what about the video content? It's an expensive move, so if the content itself is going to be tethered to a limited number of computers, what happens over the course of time when new replaces old and whatnot?

I need some very thorough input here about how to set it up technically. Obviously there'll be an external broadband connection of some sort, which is going to be plugged directly into the Mac Mini. What else is needed though?

Thoughts, experiences, technical considerations, DRM specifications, anything and everything is of help, because this would be the start of a ridiculously expensive move.
I think you can accomplish your goal by using Apple TVs for the bedrooms. By staying in the Apple universe it should be painless to set up.
Owning and storing content (on disc or drive) is going away as streaming everything seems to be the way things are going, Maybe a monthly charge will be more acceptable to you than having to lay out money to buy content.
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