A HDD That Contains 56 Years of Playboy Bunnies

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Jun 4, 2008
[citation][nom]jhansonxi[/nom]It's a lot easier to hide from ones spouse than stacks of paper.[/citation]

What if they recognize the bunny? oh and the name of the magazine is on the drive as well.

I guess you could always have it upside down..


Oct 20, 2008
[citation][nom]jhansonxi[/nom]It's a lot easier to hide from ones spouse than stacks of paper.[/citation]
why hide it...come to an mutual agreement and you can both look at the stuff...


Dec 1, 2009
[citation][nom]cybot_x1024[/nom]if the hard drive is not 56 years old then its not worth it.[/citation]

you also get 672 (12 issues a year??) so 0.5 dollar / issue + a 250gb HDD
a good deal i guess, IF you want it...

(personally: it isn't worth for me either)


Sep 8, 2009
Playboy isn't porn, it's erotica. If you want porn then Hustler, Penthouse etc is your thing... Playboy is just tasteful nudity without any of the sexual things that makes it porn.



For that price, the drive had better at least be an SSD drive so as to not loose any of the collection from a hard drive failure such as a Wedged Spindle. :)


Jan 27, 2006
[citation][nom]mrpijey[/nom]Playboy isn't porn, it's erotica.[/citation]
Exactly. Playboy used to present women as Art; simply beautiful. Especially since the 1990's, issues more likely presented an example of a surgeon's skill rather than the "Girl Next Door" that made them famous. I've not bought one in years.


May 20, 2007
I don't mind this set I think it offers fairly decent value considering the time and effort that's gone into digitizing all that material.

I just don't really like the modern stuff in general; the 60's, 70's and 80's were the golden era's. Modern pornographic media is littered with material that can only be describe as bland and predictable. So basically I wouldn't complain if this set stopped at 1991.

So many people seem to revert back to the earlier stuff (and not just those who are old enough to remember it) Why, I ask? Well pick up a modern adult periodical and what do you get..

. Political-correctness and propaganda
. Done-to-death celebrities slime-balls
. Endless corporate marketing
. Photo-shopping
. Pastel shades
. Uninspiring poses and facial expressions

The end result is predictably passive and forgetful experience. This despite being able to access more media than ever before. There's too many interests at play, too many fingers in the pie and the net result is just tripe. Sexuality is used to draw people in, and direct them towards agenda's other than basic sexual attraction. It just ends up being forgetfully 'fake'. Like much of Hollywood these days..

..anyone got a Delorian and a flux capacitor at hand?


There is a new magazine which was in the news recently cause they are going back to the old values that Playboy started out with. I just don't remember the name that they mentioned.

The new magazine Does Not allow:

Implants, Plastic Surgery, anything that is Fake, the so called Russian model which is supposedly American, NO Photo Shopping and most of all, No Shaved Beavers.

Everything is to be All Natural including the poses, just as Playboy started out.

If I could remember the name, I would include it here.

Not sure, but the news article might have been on NightLine which usually shows just before Jimmy Kimmel comes on.


Sep 20, 2007
We should start a petition to playboy to make Jane the next playboy girl.
They can even insert a tech theme with it. *Drools at the idea of Jane installing GTX 480s in
3-way SLI* It would be the best selling issue hands down.
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