A recent hardware or software change might have caused the issue.


Jan 28, 2016
Dear Sir,

After learning from this thread http://www.tomsguide.com/forum/id-2953456/unable-boot-unable-fresh-installation.html

I've replaced my old HDD by a newer one but again I'm facing my earlier challenges in the new environment. Now what could be the reason ? The known problems are executed back after a few days in the new environment.

Note :
I have made following changes in the new environment.
1. Remove the additional RAM
2. Set Bios default configuration
3. Replace CMOS battery

Kindly reply.
first off did you clone the data from your old hard drive or did you do a clean install of windows. if you did a clone of the drive check the sata port settings if they were set to ide and you switched them to achi windows wont post. also if your hard drive is larger then 2g the mb bios may not be able to use the full size of the drive. newer efi bios are needed for large drives.
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