A Theater/Party Audio System


Oct 11, 2014
Hello, my basement has recently been re-done, and I would like to introduce an amazing audio set up because, well music is awesome. Now I admittedly know very little about audio set ups. I would like something wireless, that I can hang from the ceiling corners. Its a half carpeted room (if that matters for anything) with a few large objects such as a pool table and large sofa's, but there are no windows or curtains (i'm thinking of noise absorption). Long story short i'm looking for a wireless system, that I can hang from the ceiling, and can have multiple of as the room is an L shape so would need some round the corner other wise there would be a sound gap. It would need to connect to everything from the TV to a phone or some kind of MP3 player. Either way, thank you very much for any help!
Since any wireless speakers you mount from the ceiling corners would need AC outlets, unless they were battery powered, you will need wires anyway. AC wiring is more expensive than speaker wire and would require electical boxes too. Battery powered speakers would have to be removed for charging. Not convenient.
JBL speakers that work with the Connect+ software so that you can use as many as you need.
If you can run speaker wire then you can use inwall, inceiling, or on wall speakers. They can be connected to an amplifier and impedance matching speaker selector. You can use a Heos Link as your source and control it or stream to it from your phone. A USB drive with all your audio files would plug into it. Your TV would feed the Link too. Won't do surround sound though.
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