Question Accidentally disabled iGPU in BIOS, laptop turns on then turns off


Feb 28, 2017
Hi everyone. I accidentally disabled the integrated Intel graphics on my laptop from the bios when trying to set the dGPU as the main graphics card used by the system.
The laptop is a Sony VAIO VPCSE (also known as PCG-41412L) and the motherboard model is MBX-237 (Rev 1.2).
I remember setting the Integrated GPU to Disabled in a Display settings menu then setting the Primary Display to PEG. After that, I saved the changes then rebooted the laptop.
Since then, it shows nothing on screen, the monitor isn't even on. When I turn on the laptop, the LED are on, the fan is spinning a bit but there is no display and it turns off a few seconds later. I've tried some solutions but no success so far:

  • Removed the battery, unplugged AC, pressed power button for 50sec
  • Powering the laptop without battery
  • Removing the CD DVD drive
  • Removing HDD
  • Removing one stick of RAM (the other one is soldered on the board)
  • Removing the CMOS battery then powering the PC without it
  • Removing the CMOS battery then pressing the power button for 50s
  • Replugging the CMOS battery after 40min
Is it possible that changing those settings in the BIOS could have fried something ? Or maybe removing the CMOS battery isn't enough to reset the BIOS (I checked for a jumper but I didn't find one).

I also mention that the CMOS battery isn't a regular watch battery (it is but not directly). It is known as ML1220-M3. Here is a picture of it:

All I did was unplugging the cable from the motherboard.
Any suggestion ? Thank you in advance.
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