Question Accidently formatted 8GB Cache SSD in Samsung Chronos 7 Series

Aug 25, 2019
I accidentally used diskpart and formatted the 8GB built in SSD that's in this computer. It was originally used for SSD caching with the HDD. Currently the computer has a SSD 500GB to boot from, a 1TB HDD and the 8GB cache SSD memory.

Unfortunatly, after I formatted the 8gb SDD, It won't let me do anything with it. My computer will pick up that drive is connected and show me the unallocated space in the disk management.. But when I attempt to initialize it, It tells me there is a redundancy error and it cannot do anything with it.

Would it be possible for me to initialize this drive somehow for storage to use the 8GB as a simple volume?? Or even better, Would it be possible to use it to speed up the HDD that is still installed??
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