Acer Aspire 5742G overheating

Pedro Gomes

Jul 22, 2013
Hello everyone,

Ive got a huge problem with my laptop. Its an acer aspire 5742G, and since i got him, i cant play any games, because of the lag spikes, games stopped working and the existence of artifacts.

After a while i saw that maybe the main problem is that my gpu's temperature is very high (around 90ºC while playing, and 50ºC not doing anything). I think cleaning the dust inside the laptop wont do any good since im having these issues when i bought the PC.

Ive got the laptop in 1 year and 4 months so i guess the warranty wont save me.

Can you please tell me some solutions that could actually decrease the temperature of the GPU (its a Nvidia Geforce 540M)? I though buying a cooler pad but i dont know if its worth it.

Thanks for everyting
Pedro Gomes


Dec 31, 2008
If you had the laptop for 1yr 4 mo, and the temps were already hitting 90C back then, but you didn't have issues back then, my guess is that the temps aren't the reason the graphics card is having issues.

However, I do always recommend cleaning out laptops for any heat related issues first. When I open up laptops to repair, I see unreal amount of dusk built up inside the unit and heatsink fans. After cleaning, it always help with heat issues, and depending on the make/model, i think that could eliminate some performance issues. If you aren't sure about it, try running the PC in a really cold room, and see if you get any different results. Unfortunately from my experience, more like than not, these issues are caused by faulty gpu or mobo. Try what you can to clean, reinstall OS, but don't rule out bad gpu or mobo. Oh, and cooler pad will help, but only if the system is clear of dust, so that the air from the pad flows through the unit blowing hot air out.
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