Discussion Acer Aspire 7750g upgrade

Jun 5, 2023
Hi all! I have this laptop from 2011 but unfortunately is already too old for gaming.

* i5 2410m
* JE70_HR motherboard Rev. 1
* 16GiB DDR3 1066Mhz
* SSD Crucial MX500 512GiB (amazing one)
* Graphics AMD Radeon 6650M 1GiB VRAM

Since everything was working fine it would have been a pity to buy a new laptop/desktop PC so I decided to try to upgrade it somehow.
I ended up upgrading it to:
* i7 2860QM (3.6Ghz) 45W (it gets a bit hot but with a cooling base that's not a problem) (45 euros in aliexpress)
* Graphics nVidia RTX 2060 (12Gib) (capped to using the mini PCI-e port at 1x) - 247euros online in a spanish store
* 16GiB DDR 1600Mhz (20 euros in aliexpress)
* eGPU port bay with 400W Tiny PSU - 50euros Aliexpress

It's amazing I gave this laptop from 2011 a new life with this new upgrade being able to play games at 60+ FPS some at 4K some at 1080p i.e. DooM / Doom Eternal and I still want to continue testing others. I have it connected to an 4K OLED TV

Since I searched for possible setups in internet but no one did ensure if a config would work or not I decided to create this post in case someone has doubts in what processor or memory upgrade can get as well as the eGPU config.

In case you are interested I can upload pictures of the setup or clarify any doubt.