Acer aspire full reset error


Jun 20, 2016
I have an acer aspire and I'm trying to do a full reset and it keeps failing and kicking me back to the main reset menu.

The laptop is windows 8 originally but has been upgraded to Windows 10

I've tried both a full reset and a complete factory settings reset but both have failed. I assume there are some corrupted files somewhere along the line?

I've recently sold this laptop and it needs posting asap, so what's the quickest way to go about fixing this? I'm not particularly savvy with this kind of stuff and I don't have any windows discs to hand. I do have a working laptop and a USB drive if that helps (to boot it from USB maybe?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Saga Lout

Olde English
Probably not corrupted files but removed files. After a month of the upgrade, Microsoft sneaks in and removes the folder c:\windows.old which is where all the 8.1 folders lived. Why do you want to revert it to 8.1? Is it because that's the way you advertised it?

The seller will get a better system (oly Vista was worse) so probably won't complain.

If you're concerned for your own data, go to Control Panel>User accounts and set up an administrative level account in the first name of the buyer and without a password. Then change your own account so it has no password - that will take you to Settings and in there insert the current password, click Next and leave the next page blank. Click Next again and the account is not password protected.

Restart the machine, log in using the new account and back in User Accounts, click to Manage Another account and delete yours, including the files.
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