Acer Aspire model 5349 issues...PLEASE HELP!!!


Jun 25, 2016
My husband tried to download Windows 10 on his Acer and it wouldn't download but there was a lot of pop-ups so he tried to restore it to an earlier time. The restore went through and the computer shut down and when it rebooted it was just a black screen with the mouse pointer. That's all that shows up every time you turn it on. What can I do to restore this computer without a disc, as it came without one and Acer wants to charge me $159.99 just to diagnose it! (Not fix it) What do I do?


Jun 25, 2016
Easy , the problem is in windows , the installation did`t finished or interrupted. I would suggest clean install.
Clean install is when you install windows from CD or flash drive.
Why din`t you let windows install the update in first place?
Make sure you save files before clean install.


Jun 18, 2009
Before you do anything, is the data on the computer important, and is there a recent backup?
If not, get an external hard drive. Download Ubuntu or Linux Mint on another computer, and burn a startup DVD. Start up the laptop with the Linux DVD and copy off all your important data. You can also use the Linux DVD to make an image of the original HDD.
Your Acer may have an OS restore partition. If it does, try using that to restore the original OS.
If it doesn't, Microsoft has Windows 7, Windows 8, repair disks that you can download. Google for the appropriate one, and use it to restore your original OS
Windows 10 is available for free download from Microsoft too. If you want to go forward, download that ISO, burn it to DVD, and use that.
Whatever you do, make sure your data is safely copied off the disk before you proceed. I've seen twice where a Microsoft spontaneous downgrade (back to Win 7 without user selecting that) has wiped out all user data except the user name and the password. ALL DATA!

Your other option is to just go to Linux. I use Ubuntu on all my computers. I've changed a few people over to Linux Mint and they are happy. It's much faster to set up a computer with Linux than to set up Windows. 20 minutes vs. 4 hours. I have no pestering pop ups. No malware worries. No yearly antivirus costs. No headaches. None.
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