Acer Aspire V3-471G won't boot anymore


Aug 6, 2017
Hey guys I'm trying to salvage this old laptop. At first, I was trying to install Windows 10 on another partition using a bootable usb but I can't boot directly to it because the BIOS asks for a password even though it didn't when the laptop was on Windows 8.

I tried to reset the RTC (CMOS) battery by opening the laptop but I immediately change my mind after removing only the RAM (I never got to the motherboard). I reinserted it then try to power up the laptop. Nothing happens. The power button only lights up just 1 second. No fan, no display. I tried many fixes like power on the laptop for 30 seconds without battery it didn't help.

Maybe can someone help me with this problem? The battery does indeed charge on ac adapter and I also tried powering on while only on adapter and without battery.

Here's the video when I try to power on my laptop: video