Acer Aspire V3-551G-X419 wont charge or turn on.


Jul 14, 2013
So a while back I pulled my chord from my laptop at a weird angle on accident and ever since then it has slowly stopped charging whatsoever. It also used to run a really high temperatures and had overheated multiple times. The geek squad at bestbuy said it was a dead motherboard.No lights turn on, but for a while the laptop would sometimes receive a signal and flash lights, but wouldnt hold a charge. Any second opinions on if its possible to fix?

My warranty is expired on it by the way.
Most likely you either have a bad pc power adapter or a bad dc jack (the power jack on the laptop).

Is your power adapter an OEM adapter or a "replacement" brand adapter. Generic adapters and universal adapters kill a lot of batteries and motherboards.

If you have an OEM adapter and you can test it that it works (either in another laptop that uses the same volts/amps/watts or using a multimeter) then your issue is likely the dc jack. Most best buy technicians would not even know how to remove the motherboard, let alone use a soldering iron to replace/repair a bad dc jack.

One other thing to try is to remove the battery and see if the computer turns on with just the ac power and no battery.
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