Acer Aspire with SSD Struggling to Boot

Nov 22, 2018
My Acer with an SSD that was very fast to startup just within the last week starting slowing down with booting, and sometimes won't boot without a hard reset. The initial startup is normal through the green Acer logo then the white circular pattern of dots start for booting and sometimes they spin for quite a while then the laptop finally boots up. Other times they'll spin then go to a black screen for roughly 15 minutes then it's sluggish to get to the windows password sign-in.

I do see the mouse cursor on the black screen for the 15 minutes or so it takes to boot.

The overall booting process now is much longer than it was when performing as expected (20 seconds or less).

I've run several diagnostics and haven't identified any issues with hardware, disk or memory. My external monitor does get power shortly after the Acer logo appears on the startup.

I've uninstalled recent programs, changed power settings, checked sleep modes (working fine), as well as ran CrystalDisk and found healthy hard drives.

Looking for help and appreciate the guidance!


Question from icouldusehelp132 : "Booting Struggles on Windows 10 Acer Laptop"