Acer E1-572G with i5-4200U or HP ProBook 455 with A10-5750m


Apr 30, 2014
Hello. I want to buy new laptop, and i have to choose between those which i mentioned in thread. Both of them have GPU Radeon 8750m, 4GB ddr3 memory, 500GB HDD.

They have same price. I want a laptop for normal use, surfing in net, watching movies, games, etc. Just everything.

And i wonder which notebook and which CPU will be better for me. ProBook have better case of course, I know it.

I hope you'll help me.

ah and i almost forgot. I heard that Acers have problems with some key combinations, like:

" block of keys F2, F3, F4, F5, 2, 3, 4, Q, W, E, Z, X, C, if we have pressed S and D ;

block of keys S, D, G, H, ”, Z, V, B, M, right alt and right shift and space with pressed arrows left and up;" - is that truth?

Ty for anwsers , and sorry for not perfect English, im from Poland:)