Question ACER E5-571 no screen or lights. low running noise

Sep 27, 2019
My Acre aspire E5-571 unfortunatley got turned off during what looked like an Insyde BIOS up date.
It will no longer turn on, no screen, no beeping, no nothing, minor vibration
But when I hit the power button and have it plugged into my USB HD the power light on the USB turns on, and off when I release.
I hope its not fried, please help..

Already pressed and held the pin hole in the back with battery in, waited 2 houts and nothing. Going to try again with battery out.
I have tried crisis disks on my own, but I followed the step by step. It was confusing and had broken links. And did not explain what wincris is actually supposed to do and how to be handled
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