Question Acer Helios 300 (2019) [PH315-52-79H2] won't turn on after screen replacement

Dec 5, 2021
So, I have my laptop working before my new screen replacement for it arrived yesterday. I quickly turned it off, and started opening the screen frame to take out the old screen. So after plugging in the 40pin to the new screen, I tried turning it on, it didn't turn on. I've checked the charging lights on the side of the laptop if its on and it was, it indicated orange meaning it's charging the battery. So I moved on back to the pins to check if I have placed it correctly and I did, I've pulled it off once more and re-attached it to the new screen again, turning on the laptop, this time it won't turn on, the charging light is also out this time, so i detached the new screen and tried putting the old one back, tried turning it on, still nothing.

Laptop is dead, no blinking lights on the keyboard when I turn it on, no fan sounds whatsoever, no charging lights, I tried a diff charger and still nothing. So I've opened it up, disconnected the battery, check if there's burns or something, but I've seen no visible burns, sniffed all over and smelled no burning smell. I've tried doing the battery discharging thing since this laptop model doesn't have those battery reset pinholes and still nothing. I've also checked my heatsinks, changed thermal pastes and the pads in case there's metal-to-metal contact, tried turning it on again, nothing, battery unplugged with charger plugged still nothing. I'm pretty much out of options to do since I think I've pretty much did all the basic troubleshooting there is to do, I googled for answers and I only stumbled upon 2-3 people who also had this exact problem with no solutions. Does anyone have any idea of to what is happening? I mean, it's just a screen replacement and now it's dead. like seriously wtf... Thank you for any response or tips. I can provide pics for reference if anyone's willing to suggest something.
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