Acer Intel HD Graphics Download


Dec 31, 2015
Hi there, I have Acer E5-411 Laptop and I downgraded win8.1 to 7 32bit. My problem is I already downloaded the Intel HD Graphics but I cannot install, it says it doesnt meet the requirements. Please help me how to fix this.


Dec 3, 2014
Is there a reason for going down to 32bit? It would be best to stay on 64 bit windows, for more application support and more RAM. 64 bit operating systems can run both 32 and 64 bit programs, while 32-bit os can only run 32bit programs. Also, 32bit has a 3.5GB ram limit. 64-bit, on the other hand, supports up to 128GBs of ram. Did your laptop come with a cd to install drivers?


Dec 31, 2015

I used my friends flash drive having a 32bit windows7. I just use internet, online download to install drivers
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