ACER laptop keys not woorking


Jan 8, 2014
I have an ACER 771G-9809 laptop and a couple months ago several keys randomly quit working part of the time. In other words, they won't work for a period of time but I may go back later and they'll be working like normal.

I have tried:

    Shutting the computer down, taking out the battery, and holding the power key down for a minute or two and then reinstalling the battery and rebooting.

    Uninstalling the keyboard and letting the system reinstall it

and neither of these have worked. Everything may work fine for several days and then I'll hibernate the computer and the next time I start it some keys won't work. I don't think the keys that won't work are random (in other words certain keys seem to be the ones that won't work) but the ones that don't work are not consistent. For example, the shift key won't work sometimes but I've never had any letter keys that don't work so I can't type a capital letter. Also a few of the number keys along the top won't work but hey numeric pad on the right will work fine.
Try connecting an external keyboard. If it works fine, then there is a problem with the attached one. And yes, even just one key can stop working while the others work.