Acer Laptop not booting ....Please help


Oct 16, 2014
My frined has installed few programs and after few days uninstalled the same. Post uninstallation, the Laptop is not booting. I am able to see the acer Logo and after only grey screen without any activity. Please help urgently.


Apr 16, 2013
Just as plaintuts explained, you will need to reboot the computer using the startup recovery disk. The acer recovery disk set came with the computer when you purchased it. In some instances, the manufacturer does not include it with the purchase of the computer. You will need to purchase the disc from the manufacturer or from a third party. If the manufacturer doesn't find it, look for your disc at We use third parties to get recovery disks that the manufacturers dont have, or if customers need them quickly. If you cannot find it on the site there, call them to see if they carry the disc.

Once you have the disc, follow the onscreen instructions to install them. This will reinstall the operating system and the drivers that your computer needs to function correctly. Once you complete the process your machine will be up and running again. Post here if you have any questions or problems with the installation.