Acer laptop won't turn on, blue battery light turns off

Jul 15, 2018
When plugged in, the battery light turns on (blue). But when push the power button, the light turns off and the laptop can't turn on. The battery light then only turns on after unplug then plug back in.
The laptop can't turn on without the battery.
I tried unplug, remove the battery, hold power button for 30 seconds before plug back and put the battery back. It still didn't work.
Any one can help me? Thanks a lot!
It could be the charger or the battery. Or worse the motherboard.

First I would try (if you can borrow one) another charger and see if this resolves it. You may also want to try your charger in another device. If the other charger doesn't work for yours, and you know for sure that other charger works for its original device, then you may have to replace your charger. Unless your charger works fine in the other device, then I would look at replacing the battery.

Some devices will not work at all if the battery is fully dead or removed.

Should neither the battery being replaced or the charger resolve the issue, then you are looking at some more serious work.

NOTE: If the device is under warranty, contact the manufacturer about them fixing it.
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