Question Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-51 shuts down/grey screens while gaming.

Apr 16, 2021
My computer either totally shuts down or freezes up with a black/pixelated screen while playing (mostly about 3 - 4 minutes into a game or as soon as I buy a scoped weapon for whatever reason). I am mostly a CS:GO player but i checked with Valorant as well and the issue is the same. My keyboard becomes unresponsive and static starts playing through the speakers. Only option I have is to force shut down. This is a problem that I have battled with for over a year now.
Here's the sequence of events in order over a year: -
  1. Last year, it was a thermal problem. Same symptoms. Temps were touching 100C, so I repasted my laptop with some TG Kryonaut, along with undervolting and maxing out fan speeds to play my game. That seemed to solve the issue. Still, within a month or two, my temps were back upto 96 - 98, but my game still worked so I didn't think more.
  2. This year, in January, a couple of keys stopped responding for me, so I got a keyboard replacement as well as a full service cleaning/repasting of my laptop. My temps seemed better than ever after that. I was playing at 76C but only for 2 days. Then the black screen/shut down problem started happening again and this time I could not even blame the temps.
  3. This time I did a bios downgrade. I went from 1.26 to 1.15 and it solved my problem. However, dumb as it is, regardless of how many auto updates I turned off, the bios used to get updated to 1.19 every 2 days or so and the problem started returning a couple days after each upgrade. Each time that happened, I did the downgrade again and it solved the problem (for a couple of days). Until yesterday, when the bios downgrade too wouldn't do anything.
Things I have already tried
  1. Repasting
  2. CPU Undervolting
  3. Bios Downgrade
  4. Multiple clean OS reinstalls.
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