Review Acer Spin 5 review

Sep 17, 2023
Laptop with high potential, but ended with great disappointment

When I bought the PC I had high expectations. I knew it didn't have a camera shutter and possibly other small annoyances. But I was very wrong. There are many things I would change if I had designed this PC. It has many small annoyances, and these are:

1. Narrower keyboard and mouse pad than other PCs. This is a major source of irritation.

2. Keyboard lighting switches on automatically when the PC is started or switched on from sleep mode. Very annoying. I hope this will be fixed via a BIOS update. Furthermore, battery calibration and battery charging to 80% are controlled via the Acer Care Center, which does not work optimally. After a restart, the app must be restarted. Also, it doesn't work sometimes. This will hopefully be fixed via some updates.

3. Although I knew this, it is annoying that they have installed a camera shutter. This should be normal on all PCs. In addition. the designers have chosen to have a small bezel thickness around the screen. This makes it almost impossible to open the screen. Very annoying design choice.

4. The battery life does not live up to what Elkjøp or Acer claims. They claim between 9-15 hours. I got a maximum of 6 hours with only web surfing and video playback at 150 nits. This is a trick from Acer themselves. And sometimes the PC restarts after plugging in the charger. In addition, the charger is far too short. I have seen much longer charging cords. This is a disappointment.

I thought I would get over this and was in a personal predicament so I chose to keep it. But won't go for Acer next time and won't recommend it to anyone either. Especially when it actually costs NOK 13,995 and I bought it for NOK 11,995. It does not live up to the expensive price. Although it is a nice PC and typing on the keyboard is fine, the fact that the above points have been ignored or not fixed until now means that I will most likely not buy an Acer laptop again. I liked their Swift 3 which I had for many years, but not this one, unfortunately.

I will never buy a PC before I try it out in the store. It should be a lesson for myself and a piece of advice for everyone else who is going to buy a PC. Anyway, I hope it lasts many years with me. :)