Solved! Acer spin not charging while working only when switched off

Jan 31, 2019
I see a lot of the same question.
Bought my laptop in oct 18 and am finding it doesn't charge while I'm using it but it does when i shut it down and leave it. It was a display model on clearance. So I went to the place of purchase and they want to send it away for two -three weeks to get it checked over (as it's under warranty) But i need it for school in like a week. It doesn't lose charge quickly while unplugged and working so i feel it may be the charger. Another reason why i am hesitant to send it away, because if it's just a damn charger I'm not waiting three weeks to find that out. (I get so sick of sending things off and things don't get fixed. Took 3 mths for my watch to be fixed once).
My model is the acer spin 3 model number N17W5
Alas, there is nothing you can do yourself. Since it is under warranty, if you want to keep that warranty active until it ends then you have to get it fixed through them. Even if it is the charger, it is on them to do the replacement. Should you choose not to do that, and have it repaired locally, then you will void the warranty.

Also, just buying a different charger 'may' resolve the problem. Maybe. However you would have to buy the exact same one that you have now. Otherwise you risk further damaging the device if you use a different one or an aftermarket one. Not a good idea. So again, the best course, having to wait or not, is to have them fix it.

If desperate you can always try one of the rental places to get a different device to use temporarily while they fix yours. Would cost a lot less that paying to have it fixed yourself, and losing the warranty.
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