Question Acer TravelMate P215-54 Boot loop, screen does not turn on, External monitor as well

May 3, 2024
Hello folks,

We have a TravelMate P215-54, that was distributed to school children. The problem:

After pressing the power button, the blue activity LED turns on, but the screen shows nothing at all, like it's off (no backlight either), and in about 15 seconds it reboots. Same thing goes on and on.
It does not detect a connection to an external monitor as well.
The laptop gets hot, the fans are spinning.
Cannot diagnose any software issue without any screens working! Hardware issue?

We had this problem and sent it back to acer. They fixed it and sent it back, I used it once only. The second time it doing the same thing again.
Anybody had a similar issue?
Thanks for the help.