News Act Fast: TCL 4K TV Now Just $199


Mar 24, 2013
Well, if this was a "new" set it's OK, but when I checked, new 3rd party seller Amazon Prime was only $230. Open box Warehouse was $196. and "renewed" was about $200.

A better deal IMHO is the 55" TCL 5 series
Factory Refurbished at Walmart.
55S515/55S517 $259.99/$269.99
shipped Nextday or 2nd day free.
90 day factory warranty, free returns at store.

Beware removing the TV from the box. They ship double boxed. The TV has only rugged bubble shaped packing. Thing is, on this model, ALL the electronics are at the very bottom and the top half of the screen is very thin, fragile and can bear NO weight.
If you try to unbox by yourself and/or try to slide this TV out on its back or front and it tilts at all, you will probably bend the thin frame and may break the screen.
Keep the boxes vertical at all times. With two people, reach down the back to the very bottom, pick up the TV putting no pressure on the upper screen, only from the bottom or side, low down. Carefully lay it face down on an elevated flat padded surface (I used the outer box and a blanket) to put the feet on. Never put the top edge down first, lift from the top edge, or lift the bottom, tilting it on its top edge!
Great set once it's on the wall and in place!!