Active speakers pre-amp??.

Aug 26, 2018
Hello all.

I have been running a Rega Planar 3 with Cambridge Audo pre-amp phono stage and listening on a pair of m-audio bx5s.

All was fine. Just moved and as I now have a living room diner with 1 shared space I want to try and condense. Thinking one integrated amp so I can also play through chrome cast or just a headphone jack / phono input.

I’ve worked out the need for an MM Phono input on the amp, but for the life of me cannot see how you get around Banana Jacks?? M-audio have XLR/TRS inputs.

Any help/advice much appreciated.
The M-audio speakers are self powered so what you actually need is a stereo preamp (with built in phono preamp) not an integrated amp. If you get an integrated amp, with the idea that you want to upgrade to passive speakers later, then get on with preamp outputs. You could use a speaker to line level converter to connect the M-audio to the speaker terminals if you had too.
Aug 26, 2018

This is great thank you! Definitely thinking of upgrading to passive - any suggestions around £200 greatly received. My main reason for switching however is so that I can have multiple inputs where most phono pre-amps I See are just a singular input/output.

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