Adapter only works with battery fully charged or removed


Mar 5, 2017
I have a Lenovo Y510p and recently had to replace the power adapter. The problem is that the new one only works when the battery is fully charged or removed.

I have to remove the battery, plug in the adapter, turn on the pc and then put the battery back on. If I go through this process, everything works properly and the battery even gets charged.

If I plug the adapter with the computer already on or try turning it on when the battery is not fully charged, the adapter dies and I have to remove it from the power outlet so it resets and start working again.
It honestly still sounds like the adapter is the issue. When they aren't working correctly, they will only work to charge the battery when the laptop is off and only power the laptop when there is no battery or it is fully charged. Usually when this problem occurs it is with an older one and is time to replace it. As it isn't putting out enough of a charge to both run the laptop and charge the battery. Since you said this is a new one, then it isn't functioning correctly.
Did you buy the same adapter that comes with the laptop or did you buy and aftermarket one from somewhere? If it is the latter, then this could be your problem. Some aftermarket ones just do not put out the right amount of power to work correctly. Leaving you unable to charge the battery while using the laptop.

Try returning the charger and get a better one.


Mar 5, 2017

I don't believe this is the issue. I bought one from Amazon that was certified by Lenovo. And it does charge the battery if I go through the process I mentioned before. I even checked the power with a multimeter. It measures correctly on its own and goes to 0V if I plug it to the PC without removing the battery first.
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