Add Bluetooth Speakers to existing Yamaha Rx-V379


Mar 5, 2017
I'm new to all this, so I'm hoping the community can help.

I have a Yamaha Rx-V379 Receiver + NS-B40 (Front & Surround) + NS-C40 (Center) + NS-SW40 (Subwoofer).

Is there any way to allow the system to include an additional set of speakers (wired or bluetooth) so we can have music playing in the living AND in the bedroom at the same time?

I don't think I can do it "as-is" through the receiver (but I'd love to be wrong on this point) but I'm wondering if there is a speaker-selector of some kind?

Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

A speaker selector would let you connect a pair of wired speakers in the bedroom. You might need a volume control for each room so you can adjust the volume individually. There are selectors with these built in and table top boxes so your could put one in the bedroom..
To go wireless you would have to connect a speaker to line level converter to same terminals as the front speakers and connect a bluetooth transmitter to it.
In both cases you have to set the receiver to stereo or multichannel stereo not surround sound.
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