Add subwoofer to powered bookshelf speakers?

Jul 24, 2018

I recently got edifier r1280t speakers and connect my phone to them via Bluetooth receiver which connects to speakers by 3.5 to RCA. The Bass seems a little on the lower end.

Is there anyways I can add a subwoofer to the mix?

Any subwoofer recommendations?
Most subs don't have line level outputs and unless the BT receiver has a volume control you will need one to adjust both the sat/sub volumes with one control.
You could use one of these
which is the perfect solution but would cost as much as the Edifiers.
Or you could get a passive line level volume control.
whose input would go to the BT receiver. You would split the output and connect both the sats and subs.
It maybe more convinient and cheaper? to buy a new set with built-in sub.

But OK, if you insist, u do it this way:

BT receiver -----(stereo)----->SUB-------->L+R.

Powered SUB must have the following features: Unpowered (RCA) jacks to L+R, Crossover knob, Gain knob (for sub only), must be able to take in stereo signal.

In the per-chance that your current L+R have a sub out jack, any sub then will do, for flexibility can take stereo or mono signal, may need a crossover, and a gain knob, if sub gain knob not present on L+R.
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