Adding viber contacts to Basic contacts


Sep 12, 2013
Dear all,,

I have a new Samsung Galaxy Note II, and I had installed viber to it , but I can not find the viber icon indication coressponds to the basic phone contacts to easily determine the contacts that have viber facility.

Even when I slide a specific contact from left to right to make call I can not find viber to complete action, but when I slide the contact from right to left to send message; I found the viber icon to complete action.

My last problem, that when I checked Phone settings to determine the accounts, I can not found the viber account.

I make and receive calls via viber without problems but I have to open viber firstly to make calls.

Thanks and waiting for your respected responses.


Sep 25, 2013
This is a quote from Viber FAQ Page
"How do I import my contacts to Viber?
You don't need to. Instead of searching for Viber contacts, let Viber do all the work for you! Viber uses your device's address book to automatically tag which of your contacts have Viber, and syncs your contact list each time your contacts are updated."

Go to settings, applications, manage applications. You then need to scroll down to viber and press clear defaults. This may give you the option to use viber as default again for calls.