Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing App Now Requires Monthly Fee

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Jun 4, 2010
I've been subscribing to Photoshop and Lightroom for around £8.70pm (UK) for a couple of years; Lightroom isn't "the last of the suite to join the subs model". I had read this story with interest as it initially reads as though you can get Lightroom on its own, but that isn't the case, it's still the same as it was. How is this a change of status for Lightroom? Is it just that it is a new version?


Apr 7, 2014

Great question! So Adobe's packages are a tad confusing but here's how it works:

The US$9.99/month Photography plan has been available for a while, but that was what Adobe told me was a "temporary pricing". Yes, temporary for that long. The Photography plan was a bundle of Photoshop and Lightroom, but not the CC version of Lightroom. With the news yesterday, that pricing just became "permanent"

Lightroom CC is the latest version of LR (previous being Lightroom 6). Going into the CC model means that instead of releasing a new version each year (like Photoshop 4, 5, 6, CS 1, CS 2, CS 3), Adobe's just going to stick with the name CC and release updates whenever they want. Chances are they'll still stick with yearly updates, but the version name will not change anymore.

So if you want the latest features, like HDR Merge, Panorama Merge, Facial Recognition sorting etc, and any other new features in the future, you're going to have to buy the CC version, and your perpetual version will be considered obsolete.

Does that help?
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