Adobe Premier CS6 720p Render HELP


Dec 21, 2011
I just got the new adobe master collection and I am trying to find the best render settings for youtube. It seems my normal settings are not the same. I fraps everything at 1280x720.

Here is a video rendered with CS5: The video is very crisp.

Video rendered with CS6, same settings: This was rendered in the wrong format 1280x768.

I am wondering if CS6 doesnt render 720p correctly anymore. All the best formats that youtube accepts are very pixelated as well. My monitor can not go full 1080p.

Here is the settings I have it set too, the format is H.264

I attempted to duplicate what you have done with CS6 to see if I replicate the problem. I used H.264 and used the same settings you did with different results. The rendered video is 1280 x 720. I checked it twice, once by checking the file properties and once using GSpot v2.70a. Since I am not a gamer I could not use fraps to capture video from a game to make the exact same comparison.

There are noticeable differences between the videos you posted on YouTube. The text, for example, is much easier to read in the clip rendered with CS5. Has anything changed hardware wise?