Adobe Premiere CS5 laptop What's out there?


Sep 14, 2008
Ive assebled what I think are the basics for a Adobe Premiere CS5 video editing laptop and am finding it hard to see many with these specs. The Mercury engine in Premiere pro CS5 needs an Nvidia 1gb graphics chip to work with hardware support. If it is not an nVidia 280m then it needs a simple free hack to work fully.

If you know of any laptops with these specs then please please add them to the list
thanks a lot

i7 intel processor
Nvidia 230m 1gb graphics chip or above (apparently 230m works fine and the rest are better)
4+gb ram
1920 1080+ screen resolution (not easy to edit HD on anything less)
500gb(7200rpm) interal hard drive
esata port for fast external hard drive

The only laptop ive found with these specs is the HP DV8 which can be got for a good price.

thanks a lot remainz