Advanced SystemCare 8 vs Ccleaner?

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Very different programs. CCleaner just clears up the registry and any temp/cache files you have, and its excellent. Advanced systemcare is more of an automated optimization tool and malware remover. It does what ccleaner does and more. That said I've never used it, and to a savvy user there probably not much more there that they can't do on their own using ccleaner and a few other free tools.


Aug 12, 2015

Which one would you prefer because people say that Advanced System Care 8 has had many problems

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Ive never used advances systemcare and i never would. I looked it up as I had never heard of it. All sounds nice but IMO cleaning up your system with ccleaner and using malware bytes and a decent virus program does everything this program says it does and very likely much better.


Apr 15, 2013
advanced system care is,in my opinion,crap and can do more harm than good,and yes,ive used it.optimizers are not needed or recommended and do nothing to "make your computer run faster".defrag your disk,and do a disk cleanup.the microsoft tools are plenty good for this.the only good thing iobit came out with was startmenu 8.


Nov 3, 2013

Ccleaner vs IOBit is only compared on a fair level if they are compared as registry cleaners or as uninstallers. As uninstallers, they also clean the registry of all left over traces of the program you are removing. If you aren't aware of IOBit's Uninstaller or if you want to try and call it crap, you are truly uninformed because it is probably the absolute best uninstaller on the market and best of all, the free version is more than most people need and few grades above what CCleaner has to offer

I am surprised your opinion of ASC is crap. But then again, opinions are like those things where crap comes from, everyone has one. Fact is, CCleaner is capable of several things ASC can do. But ASC is not crap and IOBit has many more great offerings than Start Menu 8

ASC is a Suite of utilities that exceeds what CCleaner is capable of and probably alot more powerful than anything else on the web with so many powerful features for absolutely no money. Since they make ASC nearly dummy proof to ensure it does what it's supposed to, doing more harm than good isn't really any way to describe what it is actually doing. It's more likely that using programs with terms like "Advanced" in the title might just be above your pay grade. Just sayin



Nov 29, 2011
I've been using Ccleaner along with MalwareBites for some time now. Recently my tech also turned me onto RogueKiller which is what he uses in his shop.

Got a chance to chat with him about this and he said what Ccleaner & MalwareBites can miss, RogueKiller will catch. He said it would not hurt to have all three available to use when ever I do a system clean up. I am very pleased with just these three options and decided to pass along my experience with them.

I would recommend these...they are easy to use, and don't cost anything to download. I actually got the RogueKiller (cloud install) one and like it because I can control any update I might need without having an auto update on my pc. I really hate auto update programs....I had to disable Windows 10 from automatically updating my graphic drivers because I use a specific driver for my nVidia card and the Windows update messed it up for me the first time it did it.

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