Advice for new laptop-3 went bust


Oct 13, 2011
comp1 -After 20 some attempts to reformat my 10yr Old gateway, I was locked out of it after trying to gain back control (i found files showing that someone used my email to set up a windows live account, then used Microsoft Remote Control with the escalate feature to hijack my computer. Prior to that they did a DOS on me so I could not turn off the file sharing-MS said they could not give me info on conversation, but I needed to switch my mac address'). They locked me out because I was changing permissions to administrator (me) instead of administrators (them-with all permissions) in the HKEY files-after 3 files, they then shut me down and a password was put in which I had no clue of.
comp 2-Dell laptop '09-password changed when got home from Bust Buy. I stupidly put a Bios PW in to get around that and that pw was also changed.
Comp 3-hp laptop '07 is at Best Buy now-I ordered new disc from hp and BB says can't fix it and never seen anything like that before
Computer 4 -Mac Desktop- I was having problems, found calvary Keylogger on it and kept seeing kill eset, kill anti-virus. Called Apple-phone tec said someone or something was kicking him out of remote and bring it to store. Store put in a new hard drive for free.
Need to get a laptop. Don't know whether to go Apple(since is only computer that did not go bust) or try Asus, Lenova or Toshiba. Catch is: that I need it to be able to run 4d embroidery software originally created for xp.
Need to contact Viking Sewing Machine co. to downlaod drivers for windows 7: and can only do it one time (so they said at the sewing machine store- now that there is a 5d). So I need a computer that I won't have to keep reinsalling the operating systems because of hackers. Yes, I tried Firewall-Verizon In home agent, a WAP 2 which is supposedly invisible and many different Anti-virus:Estes on the mac, Kaspersky-updatd it and found a fake version in its place), Smith Micro-(removed after 5 hours), Webroot, locked up the Dell and don't know what happened to hp. If I go apple, I have to partition, put in windows 7 and get that one time download of the drivers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. By the way, this is the very short version of all of the craziness on my computers.
Thank you in advance for your consideration
Hello KimiKid;

You need to consider the possibility someone might have physical access to your computers and they have been uploading all that malware allowing them to have access/control of you computer(s) over the internet.

You didn't mention what budget range you were interested in. Or what other features you might want.

But you don't need to mention you're interested in a higher security option for your next laptop.

Most software made for XP will also run on Windows 7. Or can be coaxed to run on Win7 with a little effort (Compatibility Mode).
Have you (or anyone else you know) been running your software on Win7 yet?
Peaceful Coexistence Between 4D Embroidery and Windows 7

"Need to contact Viking Sewing Machine co. to downlaod drivers for windows 7: and can only do it one time (so they said at the sewing machine store- now that there is a 5d)." Once is enough. Just make a copy and store in CD/DVD.

Take a look at the Dell Vostro 3550 15.6-inch business class laptop Core i5 i5-2430M is $574, nicely equipped.
Instead of using passwords it has a fingerprint reader.



Jan 7, 2003
Asus makes a very nice computer, its the only brand I would buy for many reasons, quality, performance, stability, bang for your buck, and the list goes on.


Sep 23, 2011
I am using a dell vostro and its nice and cheap when they are doing the 40% discount. Some handy feature I noticed and think HP got them as well are factory image hidden on a invisible partition that you can use dell backup and recovery to restore your windows installation, really handy when you want to reinstall windows.

the otherthings is that sometimes the combo offer includes windows 7 professional and you want xp virtue machine that comes with it if you got one of those stubborn XP program and compatible mode is really important to you.

If you go apple and then put windows on then it defeats the purpose of "supposed security of mac" and if it sounds as serious as you describe then someone is on to you and apple or any commercial antivirus/firewall is not going to protect you.
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