Advice Needed Please

Richard Matthews

Dec 1, 2014
I love to play games from Google Play. Currently there are very few Streaming boxes that give almost complete access to the store?

Thus my question? It appears like my choices are third party Android boxes? My next question is to go with the Nvidia MOJO by MADCATZ or a unit such as Tronsmarts R28 (Rockchip 3288) or A80 (Allwinner)? As you can tell I know very little about reading Cpu/ Gpu charts if you could find one on these chips? THE MOJO being Tegra 4 (2013) vs Rockchip 3288 and Allwinner A80 (2014). ANY thoughts would be greatly appreciated????
you can use bluestacks on your pc to play android games. it's not 100% compatible with every game but most of the newer games work with it. it's an android emulator and runs on your pc.