Advice on which Headphones to purchase under $300.

Zac Wallace

Nov 29, 2013
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I want to purchase a decent set of headphones under the $300 mark.

I've previously owned Logitech G930's (

They were ok, but I've been looking at Sennheiser's products and they seem good.

I basically want good sound that can play music loud with good bass, and something with a built in mic to talk to people with.

Wired or Wireless doesn't matter, probably prefer wired though.

Thanks in advance, Zac.
Mar 8, 2015
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"decent" doesn't tell us anything, sorry. You're going to h ave to be more specific. Some prefer bass, and so on. I personally just picked up a pair of Skullcandy Crushers for $80, because I wanted the strongest bass possible in headphones that would literally rattle my ears while I'm watching movies, because it's the closest I can get to the actual cinema experience, due to the fact that I can't play sound through speakers due to neighbours.

I haven't used the Sony 950BT but I know they have a bass boost feature, but I know that they can't rattle your ears/head because they don't use a AA battery to rattle like the Crushers. I say give them a shot, literally all headphones up until the $500 mark that I tested at the store (20-30 headphones), none came even close to the bass the Crushers produced, so for movies I doubt you can find any better on the entire market.

If you're going to listen to Jazz and whatnot, then the Crushers might not be what you want, which is why you have to try a pair, because nobody can recommend, that's impossible. Our ears are different, you have to try a pair and make sure they're comfortable, then worry about what to choose from.

Most headphones/headsets nowadays have a mic built in or on the wire using a simple 4 pole to 3 pole 3.5mm/1/8" cable. It's only the really old models that don't, and the very cheap ones.

Then there's noise leak/active noise cancelling/passive noise isolation, and so on. Even if say a professional CSGO player would recommend a pair of headset, it might not work in your situation, in CSGO you want a good soundstage so that it's easy to pinpoint where sounds are coming from, but those are rarely closed back and isolating, so those would be absolutely useless as even a simple computer fan can overpower open back headphones when it comes to hearing details in the audio.



Oct 19, 2013
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Best thing to do is go to a store and test. The HD598(558/518 too) and ATH-AD500X (700X and 900X too) are all highly recommended. All are also under $150 (on sale), so you can put the remaining $150 into something like Blue Yeti or AT-2020USB+ and a boom arm.

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