Question Advice please :)

Sep 8, 2023
Hey all,

Just joined, my head is going round and round with smartwatches at the minute, watched soooo many reviews.

Please can i have some advice, i currently have an original Samsung Galaxy Watch (SM-R800) and while its not bad, i want to upgrade around christmas time, i have narrowed it down to the following watches.

Amazfit GTR 4 (Or limited edition if i can get one) Ticwatch Pro 5, or Garmin Venu 2 Plus.

I mainly use my current watch for, checking notifications, timers, weather, counting steps, checking heart rate, glancing at emails, checking my calender, tracking some walking, and tracking my sleep.
Now the main thing i want is a GOOD battery, i appreciate it depends how you use it, this will see how long it lasts etc

N.B - i have a samsung phone currently, but may change next upgrade, but will be staying on android.