Question After BSOD "WDF_VIOLATION", most personal files are now gone!?


May 7, 2018
Hi community,
So a mate of mine had a rather peculiar BSOD error issue with the message "WDF_VIOLATION". It just suddenly appeared while he was regularly using the computer, wanted to watch some movies on Netflix. And just prior the BSOD the computer made a very loud/high pitched fan noise and then the computer restarted and went into a "repair loop". Since it was taking too long he just forced-switch off the computer.
Later on he restarted it and the computer had the "dark mode" enabled which he didn't have before. He could log in into Windows 10 all fine with his username and p/w but most of his personal files were gone(!!)
Upon googling for this WDF_VIOLATION I find tons of results about the possibility of problematic software or some drivers having gone haywire - but none seemed to be the case on his device since the computer appears to be working fine again - except that it starts up in dark-mode and most of his personal files are gone.
I scanned his computer with the 'Recuva'-File recovery tool form "Piriform Software" but didn't find any meaningful results, it seems his personal files are just gone by being overwritten several times after this repair-loop (and thus undetectable).
It's worth mentioning that BitLocker is enabled and I have no idea to what extent this adds an additional entropy for making it difficult to find deleted (but not overwritten) files.

Would anyone know how to tackle this issue of the files lost after this BSOD (and subsequent repair-loop event) and what kind of more sophisticated tools and ways there may be to recover the files?
Any tips and tricks or hints leading to a fruitful direction regarding this issue are greatly appreciated.

For information, the system is Windows 10 v1903, the computer is a "DELL XPS 15 7590" Laptop.

Thanks a lot.
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