Alienware M17XR4 (7970m) crashing


Jun 15, 2016
So my main issue is random crashes. I've run crash report programs that point to the video card. I don't believe it is currently overheating as it tops out around 76 playing Overwatch. I've tried just about everything with changing drivers/reformatting and it's still occurring more and more often now. Here's what the screen looks like when it crashes :

I'll hear sound for about 5 seconds after this screen comes up then nothing and all I can do is reboot it.

Any ideas if this is definitely the GPU or could it be something else?

Could I disable the 7970m and run the intel 4000 only to see if the crashing stops? Problem with this is I cannot install the intel 4000 drivers as it says something like the computer doesnt meet the requirments. I have the command center installed and have attempted to get the OSD working but even after a reformat and reinstalling OSD drivers it will not work. (ive read the command center and OSD have something to do with the switchable graphics (fn+f7))


It seems like your GPU is dying but please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help.
- First is to connect an external monitor and observe if the same problem will happen with it as well.
- If the external monitor will result to the same problem with the display that means it's the GPU that is faulty.
- Do also try doing a clean install of the GPU driver as well.
- Go to Device Manager and uninstall the Nvidia graphics driver.
- Next is to open Programs and Features then uninstall anything related to Nvidia.
- Once completely uninstalled, download and install the latest driver.
- Here's the link:
- Reboot the laptop once the latest driver has been installed.
- Do observe if the same problem will happen or not.
- Lastly, since the laptop has a removable GPU I would also suggest opening it and make sure it's seated properly in the laptop and apply new thermal paste on the GPU's.
- Here's a video guide on how to disassemble the laptop.