All computer audio louder on right side than left


Jul 26, 2017
I'm having an issue on all audio with my windows 10 PC. I have no idea what started the issue unfortunately, but for some reason the right side of my headphones (or any other sound device) is always significantly louder than the left side. Here's a list of things I've tried to fix it:

- unplugging and plugging back in, restarting pc, reinstalling audio drivers
- running the windows audio troubleshooter (which essentially just recommended I turn off any Audio Enhancements if i had any, which I do not, and then asked me to reinstall my audio drivers again)
- swapping out headphones for different ones (all audio devices do this - all pairs of headphones, the speakers built into my monitor, and my sound bar. I'm confident its not the headphones that are at fault)
- using headphones on other devices to ensure there's nothing wrong with the headphones (they work fine when used with my laptop and my phone, so again, its the computer, not the headphones).
- adjusting left/right balance in sound > properties > levels (I do not have the option to adjust balance on some audio devices, and even when I do have this option adjusting balance doesn't fix the issue. The left is permanently quieter, regardless of settings.)
- turning the headphones backwards to make sure its not my ears going bad (if i flip them backwards the left side is the loud side, not the right side).

The left side DOES have audio, its just significantly quieter which makes for a very weird sound experience. I've pretty much run out of ideas to fix this and I'd love if anybody with the same issue has fixed it (either by a third party app to change balance settings, or some other method) and could help me out, or just throw out more troubleshooting ideas. I've tried using Voicemeeter Banana to correct the balance but it doesn't cause significant enough of a change to fix the issue, only make it slightly less obvious.

It's also worth mentioning that I tried a pair of wireless headphones that connect via usb - not via aux - so the jack is not bad either.


Jul 26, 2017
As an update: I've been unable to find a solution, and I'd long considered buying a sound card anyways. So I ordered and installed one, and the issue is solved. Something had gone wrong with the on-board sound I was using.
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