All-in-one PC, for general family use


Feb 7, 2011
I've just spoken to a UK-based friend of mine who is thinking of getting an all-in-one PC, for general family use:
-- basic word processing
-- Run some games (children are aged 10 and 12). Low settings are fine.
-- webcam
-- They like the idea of Windows 8/touchscreen , because they think it sounds fun
-- they really hate it when their existing (very old) laptop is slow.

Also it needs to be
-- Reasonably sized (so they can watch films on it)
-- Not too bulky (will live in kitchen)

(I can't find a forum section for all-in-one PCs, so I'm posting here -- I hope that's all right.)

Budget is "around £500". They were thinking of getting a Acer Aspire ZS600 priced at around £599 from PCWorld (possibly this? ). I certainly don't think they want to spend any more than that. Is this a sensible choice?

They were also thinking of getting something from PC World on the grounds that it is just down the road. Could they get it a lot cheaper from somewhere else that is reasonably reliable? (I should say that it's helpful to have a warranty/somewhere convenient to return things to in case of hardware failures.)

thank you!